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DRSLs & Goals

Desired Results for Student Learning

  1. Critical Thinking / Problem Solving
    • Students will improve basic literacy and numeracy skills.
    • Students will improve their ability to apply basic literacy and numeracy
    • skill to completing tasks and solving problems.
    • Students will increase their knowledge of critical concepts that can be used to improve higher level thinking.
  2. Practical Applications of Knowledge
    • Students will increase their understanding of how concepts learned in school can be applied to their careers and personal lives.
    • Students will know how to employ basic skills and knowledge in personal, professional and academic settings.
    • Students will learn and practice career skills.
  3. Personal Responsibility and Self-advocacy
    • Students will improve their attendance and punctuality at school.
    • Students will employ learning strategies to academic tasks across disciplines.
    • Students will improve their ability to advocate for themselves based on self-knowledge of strengths and limitations.