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Greetings! Valley High has been offering excellence in alternative education since 1975! Valley High is an alternative high school that serves students in Jordan and Canyons school districts. The most amazing thing about our school is the people inside it; wonderful students, wonderful staff!

  • We accept students who are juniors or seniors; we also run a teen parent program.
  • Due to a variety of circumstances and obstacles, our students are generally looking for an alternative high school environment.
  • We have a very unique schedule with classes starting at 9:00 AM and running throughout the day until 7:00 PM.
  • We run Valley High more like a community college, our students are here because they choose to be here.
  • At Valley High the responsibility is placed upon the student which helps prepare them for their future career.
  • We work with each individual student to craft a plan for their graduation and post high school goals.
  • Our student body ranges from 500 to 800 students. We offer classes four days a week with additional learning opportunities on Fridays.
  • We deliberately keep our student body small in size. To stay at the school students must pass their classes.
  • Our school has a tolerant, casual feel to it and we treat one another as family.
  • We have the most amazing staff who care deeply about each student's success.
  • We have very high expectations for our students to attend daily, work hard, and accept personal responsibility.

If our school appears to meet your needs, we register new students each quarter!

  • We have a strict enrollment procedure, so please explore the registration drop down menu on this website to view your next opportunity to be a part of our wonderful student body.
  • All of the documents are required before attending an orientation session. Most of those are obtained at your current school or the last school you attended.

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